Bρέθηκε η Επιστολή Τσίπρα προς την Τρόικα

Επιστολή Τσίπρα προς την Τρόικα:

Dear Troika,

Samaras and Benny sign mnemonium, and dont take the sign back.
So, now you have mnemonium sign, all OK, no problem.
Please send 18 Billion to Greek bank so we “guarantee” them, give hair cut and shower, to stop look like hippies….
Next month I need 10 billion for salary. Better send money in suitcase.
Not safe use bank.

P.S. Copy this letter in 10 copies and send it to another 10 international organizations (like IMF and ECB) and you will see great luck in your life with lots of happiness.
G.A.P. did and he won billions in the CDR’s. His family were millionaires now they are billionaires.
If you dont send the 10 copies you will have bad luck for the next 5 financial quarters. Akis Ts. did not send it, and he end up in jail.
His wife stop eating and bank accounts frozen.


Αναρτήθηκε από τον/την olympiada

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1 Response to Bρέθηκε η Επιστολή Τσίπρα προς την Τρόικα

  1. Ο/Η George Argyrou λέει:

    Γιατι κανετε αυτο το αστειο ?????
    Θελω να μαθω εαν θελετε να βοηθεισετε την Ελλαδα η να την καταστρεψετε ? ????
    Μπορει να μην γνωριζει αγγλικα αλλα μπορει να βαλει μετφραστη οπως κανουν πολοι αλλοι πολιτικοι αλων κρατων.

    Μου αρέσει!


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